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Strategic, long-term investments with a strong focus in values, integrity, and trust.


Founded in 1995 by serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and real estate investor Henry Zhang, the Zhang Group is a single-family office with investment globally,  dedicated to investing in revolutionary projects that push the boundaries of industry. Henry Zhang’s expertise in finance, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy has been a driving force in the success of the Zhang Group. His son Johnney joined the firm in 2008, bringing his innovative vision to the firm and furthering their commitment to long-term value generation.



In 1995, Henry Zhang founded the Zhang Group located in Wuhan, China. Zhang founded the group with the goal of building a long-lasting financial empire based on integrity, trust, and traditional values. With a deep respect of family, Chinese values, and venture capitalism, the SFO has since served as an engine of opportunity for multiple generations – driving innovation and value creation within their global investments.



In 2005, the Zhang Group entered the international investment arena by investing in real estate development projects in the United States. This marked their entry into the global market and sparked their commitment to expand their investments beyond traditional borders, enabling them to capitalize on opportunities in new frontiers.


A new face

In 2008, Henry Zhang’s son, Johnney, joined the family business and brought a much-needed injection of energy and innovation to the SFO. Together with Henry, they shifted their focus towards investing in high-growth businesses with strong competitive advantages across multiple industries in United States, as well as continue expanding their investments in real estate. Johnney founded Primior, which has grown to become one of Southern California’s leading real estate asset management and development firms.



2019 brought the Zhang Group into a new era of finance, the acquisition of Xnergy Financial – an international investment banking firm based in Los Angeles, California. This strategic move has enabled the family to expand their reach to global markets and provided them with unprecedented access to new investments opportunities, top investment banking services, and excellent return on investment.



In 2022, the family is looking forward to investing in a number of groundbreaking ventures, both locally and internationally. The group has invested in USP (United States Property), a real estate security token backed by a stabilized real estate portfolio in the US that is positioned to fundamentally alter the way people invest in real estate using blockchain. The family’s commitment to creating value through impactful investments has seen them expand into new markets while staying true to their core values of integrity, trust, and innovation.


The family’s investment philosophy is rooted in their belief that the most successful investments are realized through long-term, strategic planning and an unwavering commitment to integrity and trust. They strive to create value for their stakeholders through businesses that are innovative, have a responsible approach to risk management and offer tangible solutions to global challenges. Through their portfolio of investments, the family continues to strive for excellence and create value in the global market. Their investments span multiple sectors, including revolutionary technology, real estate, healthcare, energy and more.

Combining our family's rich culture & heritage...

As a Chinese-American family, the Zhang Group’s approach to investing is also deeply rooted in their culture and heritage. With an appreciation for both Eastern and Western cultures, they strive to combine traditional Chinese values such as integrity, trust, and wisdom with a modern approach to finance that is informed by decades of experience domestically and internationally.

With a modern approach to domestic investing...

By remaining agile, the Zhang Group is able to capitalize on opportunities that other investors may overlook. The family has a strong focus on domestic investments, such as real estate and tech. They are also eager to invest in international markets when the opportunity presents itself, and by aligning themselves with experienced partners such as Xnergy Financial, the group can ensure they are well-positioned to capitalize on global opportunities.

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As a family-run business, the Zhang Group places a strong emphasis on family values and traditions. This is reflected in the way they conduct their business, and it is an integral part of who they are as a team. The group’s commitment to preserving these values extends to the partners, advisors and stakeholders that make up their extended family.

Johnney Zhang

As CEO and founder of both Primior and USPC, Johnney Zhang has been instrumental in driving the success of the Zhang Group. With over 20 years of experience in real estate development, finance, and technology, Johnney is focused on creating value through long-term investments that have a positive impact on society. His strategic vision and leadership have enabled the group to expand their reach into new markets while staying true to their core values.

Henry Zhang

With a deeply-rooted background in real estate development, investing, and finance, Henry Zhang has been instrumental in helping the group build relationships with key stakeholders and partners while utilizing his extensive network of contacts to ensure that each investment is well-positioned for success. His passion for creating value and building relationships has been invaluable to the Zhang Group’s long-lasing influence – both internationally and domestically.


At the Zhang Group, we are always looking for new opportunities and partners to align ourselves with in order to create value and drive future innovation. If you are interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to contact us at invest@zhanggroup.com.

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